Heibel Ranch Vineyards started conceptually in 1999 and physically in 2000.  Now here we are ten years later, excited to be releasing our first vintage! It has taken a lot of hard work and a little good fortune to make our dream a reality.  We are to proud to proclaim that our family and friends were 100% hands on with nearly every project, including the installation of a weir, a mile of 4” pipe to collect our spring water, and clearing the brush & trees from the 1.9 acre site.  The majority of this work being accomplished on weekends, holidays, and during "vacations".

In the fall of 2002, after 3 years of predominantly family and friend labor, it was time to bring in the professionals.  Piña Vineyard Management brought in Johnny White and their Caterpillar rip and rock-rake the vineyard site. The following year Josh Clark, of Clark Vineyard Management, and his crew took over; installing the deer fencing, water tanks, irrigation, pump station, frost sprinklers, trellising and all other necessities for a world-class Napa Valley vineyard. In May of 2003, we were finally ready to plant. Roughly one acre was dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon #338, a half acre to Zinfandel #8, and a third acre of Petite Sirah #4.

The vineyard is farmed organically and has been CCOF certified since 2007. Our water tanks are positioned a half mile away, over 100 feet above the vineyard to utilize gravity for drip irrigation, and we also have a pump station adjacent to a reservoir that supplies water to overhead sprinklers for frost protection. Like many Napa Valley growers, we are farming to grow the best wine grapes possible and anticipate approximately 4 to 5 tons out of the entire site, yielding 250 to 300 cases of wine annually. Starting in 2008, Matt Hardin, a local boy with deep roots in Pope Valley, took over the farming responsibilities for Heibel Ranch Vineyards. We are looking forward to bottling some of Matt’s energy and are very excited to have him on board.

There is so much more that I would love to share with you.  So get your boots ready and come check out the ranch, just give me a shout!